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Discover the benefits of true online collaboration

For many, collaboration means placing documents into a shared folder. Unfortunately, when someone's leaves for lunch with the file still open, you're locked out until they return.

With Google Apps, you can enjoy true collaboration where up to 50 people can work on a document at the same time from anywhere around the world. 

Comments, suggested edits - all functions you're familiar with, but with the advantage of automatic emails, track changes and revisions. With everyone working on the same document, you never have to wonder who has the most recent version.

Why Google Apps?

Google Apps (Docs, Sheets and Slides) is a powerful online office suite. Completely browser based, documents are stored on Google's servers which means your files are available anywhere you have an internet connection — on your desktop or your mobile device.

With proper training, your staff will be able to increase communication and become more effective employees, saving valuable time. 

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A Google certified trainer, Trevor has been teaching and leading workshops for over 25 years. Bringing his love and passion for all things Google and Macintosh, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and applying it to the technical/business challenges that come his way.